The Atemi DRAGONS (Ages 8+)

We understand how important it is for children to be street smart and this is where our Dragon classes excel, skills will be developed in confidence, self esteem, social communication as well as the overall physical aspects of learning ju jitsu; better flexibility, strength and agility. Dragon students explore a range of real life situations executing a range of effective throwing, striking, locking and striking techniques. Dragon students are expected to demonstrate a level of maturity that reflects the complex nature of the syllabus.

As a Dragon student, your child will be expected to show due care when training with a partner, demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the rules of the club and uphold the core values of ju jitsu. In a Dragon session children will learn how to strike effectively, learn immobilising techniques and simple throws to offset opponents of varying sizes.  Your child will build strong relationships with their training partners, develop strength and fitness and self defence skills.  Ultimately our sessions are built around helping children and young people create healthy attitudes around their training and their approach not just to martial arts but life in general.

Sessions are taught with a mix of group and paired work as well as games and drills.