A short History of the club


The Atemi Ju Jitsu Association

The club was founded in 1990 by Steve Cook as Bushi Kempo Ju Jitsu under the World Jujitsu Federation. There was dojos in Sale, Lostock, Northenden and Warrington.

The club splintered in the early noughties and the Sale and Warrington dojos were taken over by Gary Whithead and Malcolm Wells. They formed The Atemi Ju Jitsu Association, the organisation being part of the Amateur Martial Association.

When Gary retired around 2008, CiarĂ¡n McLoughlin became head instructor alongside David Keane at the Sale dojo. The association joined the BJJAGB in a bid to ratify their syllabus and gain official recognition for their Dan grades. They later moved the dojo to Tameside with some dedicated students and instructors following.

The club has one Cadet Shodan (Under 16) and two Senior Shodan, alongside one Nidan.